Growing our Family

Growing our Family


Orna and Jay are hopeful adoptive parents.  We have been married for six years and have an eighteen (18) month old adopted son.  Now we would love to add another son or … [Read more]

Orna and Jay


Orna and Jay are very fortunate to have grown up in loving families which stressed honesty, integrity, hard work and education.  Each set of parents have been married for 45+ … [Read more]

About Orna


Orna is a doctor and loves practicing medicine.  She has one brother, one sister and seven nieces and nephews.  As a child, Orna excelled in school and knew from a very early age … [Read more]

About Jay


Jay was a sales executive for many years before leaving to pursue his dream of owning his own business.  He is the oldest of four boys and has six nieces and … [Read more]

Fun weekend


A fun weekend for us involves spending time on our pontoon boat with our son, friends and family, especially our nieces and nephews.  We love long walks with our beloved dog, a … [Read more]